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Recent Publications

(2018)  C.P. Thornton, C.M. Cable, D. Bosch, & L. Bosch. “Five Thousand Years of Shell Exploitation at Bandar Jissah, Sultanate of Oman.” In (D. Frenez, G.M. Jamison, R.W. Law, M. Vidale, & R.H. Meadow, eds.) Walking with the Unicorn Social Organization and Material Culture in Ancient South Asia.  Oxford: Archaeopress, pp.547-567.  PDF

(2018)* L. Goldstein, B. Mills, S. Herr, J. Burkholder, L. Aiello, & C. Thornton. “Why do fewer women than men apply for grants after their PhDs?.” American Antiquity 83: 1-20.   PDF

(2017)  P.E. Minnis, J. Sabloff, S.M. Chandler, D. Gangloff, J.W. Joseph, B. Little, P.A. McAnany, D. Peter, L. Sebastian, C.P. Thornton, J. Watkins, and J.E. Yellen. “Valuing archaeology beyond archaeology: An Amerind Foundation Seminar.” SAA Record 17(5): 28-32.

(2016)* S. Desruelles, E. Fouache, W. Eddargach, C. Cammas, J. Wattez, T. Beuzen-Waller, C. Martin, M. Tengberg, C.M. Cable, C.P. Thornton & A. Murray. “Evidence for early irrigation at Bat (Wadi Sharsah, northwestern Oman) before the advent of farming villages.” Quaternary Science Reviews 150: 42-54.   PDF

(2015) C.P. Thornton & C. Schmidt "The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bat and Al-Ayn: Past, Present, and Future." In (H.M.A. al-Lawati, ed.) Proceedings of the Symposium 'The Archaeological Heritage of Oman' (UNESCO, Paris - September 7th, 2012).  Muscat: Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman, pp. 155-163.  PDF

(2014) C.P. Thornton "A return to the South Hill of Tepe Hissar, Iran." In (B. Cerasetti, C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky & B. Genito, eds.) My Life is like the Summer Rose: Maurizio Tosi e L'Archeologia Come Modo di Vita.  Oxford: BAR International Series 2690, pp. 711-718.  PDF

(2014) C.P. Thornton & B.W. Roberts "Introduction." In (B.W. Roberts & C.P. Thornton, eds.) Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective: Methods and Syntheses.  New York: Springer, pp. 1-9.  PDF  

(2013) C.P. Thornton, A. Gursan-Salzmann & R.H. Dyson Jr. "Tepe Hissar and the fourth millennium of Northeastern Iran." In (C. Petrie, ed.) Ancient Iran and its Neighbours.  London: Oxbow Books, pp. 131-144.  PDF

(2013) C.P. Thornton.  “Review of Vatandoust et al. 2011.”  Paleorient 38(1-2): 249-260.  PDF

(2013) C.P. Thornton. "Tappeh Sang e Chakhmaq: A New Look." In (R. Matthews & H. Fazeli Nashli, eds.) The Neolithisation of Iran: The Formation of New Societies. BANEA Publ. Series 3, Oxford: Oxbow Press, pp. 241-255. PDF

(2013) H. Vahdati Nasab, C.P. Thornton, S.M. Mousavi Kouhpar, N. Sykes & R. Naderi. "The Late Neolithic Site of Rashak III Rock Shelter, Mazandaran, Iran." In (R. Matthews & H. Fazeli Nashli, eds.) The Neolithisation of Iran: The Formation of New Societies. BANEA Publ. Series 3, Oxford: Oxbow Press, pp. 272-283. PDF 

(2013) C.M. Cable & C.P. Thornton.  "Monumentality and the third-millennium 'towers' of the Oman Peninsula."  In (S. Abraham, P. Gullapalli, T. Raczek & U. Rizvi, eds.) Connections and Complexity: New Approaches to the Archaeology of South Asia.  Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, pp. 375-399.  PDF

(2013) C.P. Thornton, C.M. Cable, & G.L. Possehl.  "Three seasons at Kasr al-Khafaji (Tower 1146) at Bat, Oman. In (D. Frenez & M. Tosi, eds.) South Asian Archaeology 2007.  Proceedings of the 19th Meeting of the European Association of South Asian Archaeology (Ravenna, Italy, 2-6 July 2007). Volume I. Prehistoric Periods.  BAR International Series 2454.  Oxford: Archaeopress, pp. 255-268.  PDF
(2013) C.P. Thornton.  "Northeastern Iran."  In (D.T. Potts, ed.)  The Oxford Handbook of Iranian Archaeology.  New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 179-202.  PDF

(2013) C.P. Thornton.  "Mesopotamia, Meluhha, and those in between."  In (H. Crawford, ed.)  The Sumerian World.  London: Routledge, pp. 600-619. PDF
(2013) C.P. Thornton.  "Review of Vatandoust et al." [Arisman volume]  Paleorient 38(1-2): 257-260.  PDF
(2012) M.W. Gregg & C.P. Thornton.  "A preliminary analysis of the prehistoric pottery from Coon's excavations of Hotu and Belt Caves in northern Iran: Implications for future research into the emergence of village life in western Central Asia."  International Jounal of Humanities 19(3): 56-94.  PDF
(2012) C.P. Thornton.  "Archaeometallurgy in the 21st century."  Reviews in Anthropology 41(2): 173-187.  PDF
(2012) C.P. Thornton. “Iran.” In (D.T. Potts, ed.) A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East.  Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 596-606. PDF 
(2012) C.P. Thornton & C. Giardino. "Serge Cleuziou and the 'Tin Problem'." In (J. Giraud & G. Gernez, eds.) Aux Marges de l'archeologie: Hommage a Serge Cleuziou.  Paris: De Boccard, Travaux de la Maison Rene-Ginouves, pp. 253-260.  PDF
(2011)  C.P. Thornton & V.C. Pigott.“Blade-type weaponry of Hasanlu Period IVB.” In (M. de Schauensee, ed.) Peoples and Crafts in Period IVB at Hasanlu, Iran. Hasanlu Special Studies IV. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum Monograph 132, pp. 135-182. PDF
(2010)  C.P. Thornton.  "Shir-e Shian."  Encyclopedia Iranica (online).  Link
(2010) C.P. Thornton.  "Sang-e Chakhmaq."  Encyclopedia Iranica (online).  Link
(2010)    C.P. Thornton.  “The rise of arsenical copper in Southeastern Iran.”  Iranica Antiqua 45: 31-50.  PDF 


(2010)   C.P. Thornton, J. Golden, D. Killick, V.C. Pigott, Th. Rehren, & B. Roberts.  “A Chalcolithic error: A rebuttal to Amzallag 2009.”  American Journal of Archaeology 114: 305-315.  PDF


 (2009)   B.W. Roberts, C.P. Thornton, & V.C. Pigott. “The development of metallurgy in Eurasia.”  Antiquity 83 (322): 1012-1022PDF
(2009)     C.P. Thornton & B.W. Roberts.  “Introduction: The beginnings of metallurgy in global perspective.”  Journal of World Prehistory 22(3): 181-184.  PDF
(2009)    C.P. Thornton.  “The emergence of complex metallurgy on the Iranian Plateau: Escaping the Levantine Paradigm.”  Journal of World Prehistory 22(3): 301-327.  PDF
(2009)    C.P. Thornton & Th. Rehren.  “A truly refractory crucible from fourth millennium Tepe Hissar, Northeast Iran.”  Journal of Archaeological Science 36(12): 2700-2712.  PDF
(2009)    R.H. Dyson Jr. & C.P. Thornton.  “Shir-i Shian and the fifth millennium of Northern Iran.”  Iran 47: 1-22.   PDF
(2009)      C.P. Thornton.  “Archaeometallurgy: Evidence of a paradigm shift?” Metals and Societies. Studies in honour of Barbara S. Ottaway. (T.K. Kienlin & B.W. Roberts, Eds.) Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie. Bonn: Habelt, pp. 25-33.   PDF

(2009)    C.P. Thornton, Th. Rehren, & V.C. Pigott.  The production of speiss (iron arsenide) during the Early Bronze Age in Iran.”  Journal of Archaeological Science 36(2): 308-316PDF