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Other Papers

(2012) M.W. Gregg & C.P. Thornton.  "A preliminary analysis of the prehistoric pottery from Coon's excavations of Hotu and Belt Caves in northern Iran: Implications for future research into the emergence of village life in western Central Asia."  International Jounal of Humanities 19(3): 56-94.  PDF
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(2011)  C.P. Thornton & V.C. Pigott.“Blade-type weaponry of Hasanlu Period IVB.” In (M. de Schauensee, ed.) Peoples and Crafts in Period IVB at Hasanlu, Iran. Hasanlu Special Studies IV. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum Monograph 132, pp. 135-182. PDF
(2010)  C.P. Thornton.  "Shir-e Shian."  Encyclopedia Iranica (online).  Link
(2010) C.P. Thornton.  "Sang-e Chakhmaq."  Encyclopedia Iranica (online).  Link
(2010)    C.P. Thornton.  “The rise of arsenical copper in Southeastern Iran.”  Iranica Antiqua 45: 31-50.  PDF 


(2010)   C.P. Thornton, J. Golden, D. Killick, V.C. Pigott, Th. Rehren, & B. Roberts.  “A Chalcolithic error: A rebuttal to Amzallag 2009.”  American Journal of Archaeology 114: 305-315.  PDF


 (2009)   B.W. Roberts, C.P. Thornton, & V.C. Pigott. “The development of metallurgy in Eurasia.”  Antiquity 83 (322): 1012-1022.  PDF
(2009)     C.P. Thornton & B.W. Roberts.  “Introduction: The beginnings of metallurgy in global perspective.”  Journal of World Prehistory 22(3): 181-184.  PDF
(2009)    C.P. Thornton.  “The emergence of complex metallurgy on the Iranian Plateau: Escaping the Levantine Paradigm.”  Journal of World Prehistory 22(3): 301-327.  PDF
(2009)    C.P. Thornton & Th. Rehren.  “A truly refractory crucible from fourth millennium Tepe Hissar, Northeast Iran.”  Journal of Archaeological Science 36(12): 2700-2712.  PDF
(2009)    R.H. Dyson Jr. & C.P. Thornton.  “Shir-i Shian and the fifth millennium of Northern Iran.”  Iran 47: 1-22.   PDF
(2009)      C.P. Thornton.  “Archaeometallurgy: Evidence of a paradigm shift?” Metals and Societies. Studies in honour of Barbara S. Ottaway. (T.K. Kienlin & B.W. Roberts, Eds.) Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie. Bonn: Habelt, pp. 25-33.   PDF
(2009)    C.P. Thornton, Th. Rehren, & V.C. Pigott.  “The production of speiss (iron arsenide) during the Early Bronze Age in Iran.”  Journal of Archaeological Science 36(2): 308-316.  PDF
(2008)  C.P. Thornton & C. Giardino. “Alla ricerca di un paradigma archeometallurgico.”  Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche 58: 385-404.  PDF


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(2007)    C.P. Thornton & Th. Rehren. “Report on the first Iranian prehistoric slag workshop.”  Iran XLV, pp. 315-318.   PDF


(2005)    C.P. Thornton, C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Martin Liezers, and Suzanne M.M. Young. “Stech and Pigott revisited: New evidence for the origin of tin bronze in light of chemical and metallographic analyses of the metal artifacts from Tepe Yahya, Iran.”  In (H. Kars & E. Burke, eds.) Proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry, 22-26 April 2002, Amsterdam. Geoarchaeological and Bioarchaeological Studies 3.  Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit, pp. 395-398.  PDF


(2004)  C.P. Thornton & C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky.  “A new look at the prehistoric metallurgy of Southeastern Iran.” Iran XLII: 47-59.  PDF


(2004)  C.P. Thornton & C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky.  “Tappeh Yahya und die prähistorische Metallurgie in Südostiran.” In (Th. Stöllner, R. Slotta, & A. Vatandoust, eds.) Persiens Antike Pracht.  Bochum: Deutsches Bergbaumuseum, pp. 264-273.   EngPDF   GerPDF


(2004)  C.P. Thornton & T.G. Schurr.  “Prehistoric ‘Europeans’ in Xinjiang?: A case for multiple interpretations.”  In (H. Bolin, ed.) The Interplay of Past and Present.  Stockholm: Södertörn Archaeological Studies 1, pp. 85-98.   PDF


(2004)  C.P. Thornton & T.G. Schurr.  “Genes, language, and culture: an example from the Tarim Basin.”  Oxford Journal of Archaeology 23.1: 83-106.  PDF


(2003)   C.P. Thornton & Christine Ehlers.  “Early brass in the ancient Near East.”  IAMS 23: 3-8.   PDF


(2002)   Christopher P. Thornton, C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Martin Liezers, & Suzanne M.M. Young.  “On pins and needles: Tracing the evolution of copper-base alloying at Tepe Yahya, Iran, via ICP-MS analysis of common-place items”. Journal of Archaeological Science. 29.12: 1451-1460.  PDF